Soluções para a Indústria - Sistemas Stand-alone de Monitoração de Vibração

While all of the Hardy Vibration Monitoring products are equipped to provide a direct input into the PLC or DCS system, a complete stand-alone monitoring system can also be configured.

There are two types of stand-alone monitoring systems:  Low Channel Count and High Channel Count.

For low channel count monitoring systems, the HI 5500 Series Modules provide an excellent solution in their building block configuration.  A signal conditioner can be configured for input from any type of sensor, with any type of output and range, and connected with an HI 5532 Setpoint Module and HI 5533 Output Relays.  

Hardy can also configure the entire HI 5500 monitoring system in the factory and ship it to you for simple installation. 

The HI 5500 system provides a high degree of protection, for a low cost, and extreme simplicity.  An "OK" light on the front of the signal conditioner module lets you know that the system is operating properly.  Lights on the Setpoint module indicate when a setpoint has been reached, and vibration levels can be checked even without an indicator by simply landing a VOM over the analog terminals.

For High Channel Count installations (above 4) or where API 670 compliance is required, the HI 3600 Monitoring system is an excellent solution.   In a stand-alone configuration, the HI 3600 can monitor up to 16 vibration channels, 16 expansion channels, and alarms can be activated for "Not OK", "Alert", and "Danger" conditions.