Soluções para a Indústria -Calibração de Sensores de Vibração

Calibration, or better termed Verfication, of sensors is an important element in ensuring accuracy of vibration measurement on the plant floor. The Hardy Portable Shakers are used to verify the performance of the vibration sensors and the vibration monitoring systems.

Whether the sensor verifcation is part of an effort to meet OSHA, API, or ISO requirements, or an undertaking to provide a greater sense of security, a Portable Vibration Shaker is an excellent tool.  

At the top end of the spectrum, the HI 803 Shaker provides the capability of outputing a full range of frequencies over a full range of amplitudes while also allowing the sensor ouput to be read by the shaker.  A sensitivity check report is output from the HI 803 at the completion of the sensor test. 

The HI 813 Shaker provides the full frequency and amplitude range of outputs, but without the sensor check capability.  The HI 823 Shaker provides a wide range of amplitudes at a fixed frequency of 80 hz.

Both seismic and proximity type sensors can be verfied using the Hardy Shakers.