Soluções para a Indústria - Monitoração da Vibração de Compressores Rotativos

Reciprocating Engines and Compressors require monitoring algorithms unlike typical vibration monitoring applications to protect the equipment from both continuous and sporatic events.

Traditional compressor monitoring has focused on velocity vibration and rod drop. Hardy provides two additional measurement techniques, Impact and Triangulated Rod Drop, that were developed especially for reciprocating compressors.

These two new measurements monitor mechanical looseness and wear on compressor cylinders with a high degree of dependability. Combined with traditional condition monitoring, Hardy provides a complete condition monitoring solution for reciprocating compressors.

At the upper end of the Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring spectrum is the HI 3600 Machine Monitor.  This monitor is API 670 4th Edition Compliant, and can monitor up to 16 channels of vibration, impact and rod drop, and can expand another 16 channels for other salient paramters.

The Hardy Signal Conditioners and Vibration Transmitters are also used in compressor applications to monitor all aspects of compressor health.


What to Monitor

When designing a monitoring system, it is important to have the end result clearly defined. For example, is the intent to have a safety shutdown monitoring system? Or is the purpose to trend the measurements to provide operating condition data that operators can use to make run/don't run decisions?

The table below (Typical Measurements) provides a summary of monitoring choices. It identifies measurement types and the applicable measured components .