Soluções para a Indústria - Monitoração de Bombas

For Vertical and Horizontal Centrifugal pumps, many of the critical issues that can cause severe damage can be detected using a proper vibration monitoring system.

Some of the core equipment issues for a centrifugal pump include cavitation, seal failure, bearing failure, and shaft imbalance.  All of these elements can be monitored on a continual basis using a Continous Vibration Monitoring system.  

The frequencies at which each of the above events occurs will vary - with a shaft imbalance at the low end, and a seal failure at the high end of the frequency spectrum.  Thus, in some cases a velocity measurement will be more meaningful than an acceleration measurement. 

At the lowest cost end of the spectrum, the Hardy Vibration (HI 5701)and Stress Transmitters (HI 5703) are well suited for these pump applications.  The HI 5701 Vibration Transmitter is simple to mount, and can detect the majority of the issues that will occur in the 6 hz to 1500 hz frequency spectrum.   For those events, such as cavitation and seal failure, that occur at the higher end of the frequency spectrum, the HI 5703 Stress transmitter will provide a "go/no go" output in 4-20 ma form to indicate an issue.

The HI 5500 Modules can also be configured for any type of pump monitoring application with either stand-alone or integrated monitoring configuration. 

The HI 3600 Machine Monitor can be used to monitor a series of pumps, or a large pumping system with a number of points.  The machine monitor will also allow you to access the system remotely via the embedded webserver, and to integrate with any plant network.