Soluções para a Indústria - Monitoração de Turbinas

Turbine Vibration Monitoring can be performed using Proximity Probes, Accelerometer, or Velocity Transducers - all of which are provided by Hardy Instruments.

Hardy Instruments has experience in Turbine Vibration Monitoring applications, both as compressors and as power generator skids. 

In many Turbine Monitoring applications where monitoring is required on the engine, a High Temperature sensor is required because of the elevated temperatures.   For these types of applications, Hardy has provided High Temperture (up to 900 deg F) accelerometers connected with one of the HI 5500 Signal Conditioners.  These systems can provide either stand-alone monitoring and alarm capabilities, or can integrate with the plant control system.

By tying any of Turbine Monitoring sensors - whether probes, accelerometers, or VT's - into the Hardy HI 3600 Machine Monitor, the user can accomplish full integration into the plant control system via a digital network signal.  As well, the embedded webserver of the HI 3600 allows the user to monitor and/or diagnose the system from a local or remote location.  

The email capability of the Machine Monitor also allows personnel to be alerted of any equipment issues via their cell phones or pagers.